Journal Publishing

Journal Publishing

Oct 18, 2012

Modern day healthcare depends heavily on evidence based medicine. Our sophisticated journal publishing platform ensures that the knowledge generated by thousands of researchers around the world reaches the appropriate audience.

Features of our publishing platform includes:

  1. Online submission and management of all content..
  2. Editors configure requirements, sections, review process, etc.
  3. Subscription module with delayed open access options.
  4. Comprehensive indexing of content part of global system.
  5. Reading Tools for content, based on field and editors’ choice.
  6. Installed locally or centrally
  7. Email notification and commenting ability for readers.
  8. Complete context-sensitive online Help support.

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ePharmaPro – Pharmacy Management Software

ePharmaPro, the fully integrated pharmacy management solution from Studio Medica, provides superior performance, functionality and world-class support. It is a comprehensive system that supports your entire pharmacy process, from the prescription reception to the delivery counter, to save time and money at every step.

Our architecture keeps pharmacy data and applications on servers on site, so you have full control over your information. This technology can help you better serve your patients by providing a solid foundation to build upon for years.

For licensing please Contact Us.

Breast Cancer Risk Estimator

Breast cancer is the commonest cancer among women world over. Studio Medica has developed a medical application for the Android, iPhone and Web platforms that estimates the risk of breast cancer for women. Enter a few parameters and calculate the lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. The applications also has an animated video that teaches breast self examination. Additionally there is an alert feature that reminds doing breast self examination at set intervals.

For non-exclusive and exclusive licensing of this application, please Contact Us.


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Dental Health Video

Educational Animation

Learning Management System

We create Learning Management Systems for Medical Institutes for the management of courses. The features of this system includes:

  • Electronic Enrolment of Students into various courses
  • Registration of Teachers and Course Managers
  • e-Tracking of Learning Progress
  • Online Evaluation of Students
  • Multimedia course content
  • Online submission of asignments
  • Live Web Classrooms
  • Clubbing online and offline activities
  • Discussion Forums
  • And More

Healthcare Videos

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We produce high quality videos for pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing and for the purpose of patient education. Our production team consists of video professionals who have worked for the motion picture industry, our models and actors  exude charm and we use the most sophisticated video production equipments.

E Detailing Solutions

Electronic Detailing is the new magic tool in pharmaceutical marketing. It helps the sales force to save time, increase effectiveness and get real time feedback. It motivates doctors to access quality information at their own convenience. It provides the pharma company a highly effective message delivery platform at a fraction of the cost.

Our E Detailing solutions comprise of:

  • 3D Mechanism of Action and Adverse effect animations
  • A centralised web platform called
  • Customised web and device based solutions for individual pharma companies

For further details including prices, Please Click Here.

Medical Visual Communication

Medical Visual Communication

Jun 6, 2011

Medical Communication is the art and science of putting across medical messages effectively. Be it for the dissemination of scientific findings, for public education or for the marketing of pharmaceutical products, Medical Communication has to be precise, engaging and meaningful at the same time.