3D MoA Animations


We create premium 3D medical animations which simulate the mechanisms of action of drugs in the body. We also create animations that show the use of sophisticated medical equipments. These animations can be used on the website or as part of multimedia presentations and marketing videos.

Our animation team comprises of Medical Professionals with multimedia background and Animations Specialists hand-picked from the motion picture industry.

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Value Added Web Solutions

Gone are the days when pharma company websites gave just an overview of products and services. Today web technology has evolved to such an extent that anything in the real world can be can be extented to the virtual world also. Thus the website has come to be the company’s torchbearer to the world at large.

Hence it is important that the company website is incorporated with all the features that would help in projecting the best corporate image.

The value added features of our websites include cutting edge interactivity, web conferencing, online sample requests, doctor targeting and more.

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Unique E-Detailing Solution

After months of market research among doctors all over the country we have created a unique and customised E Detailing platform for India, that draws the web savvy doctor to do highly enriching online interactions.

Pharma companies can use this solution to provide information on drugs, Sales representatives can use this tool keep in touch with the doctors, and Doctors can access detailed information, animations, cases studies and brochures at their own convenience.

Using this platform pharma companies can save their marketing expenditure by reaching out to doctors more effectively and efficiently. The sales force can be optimised by complimenting them with the E Detailing Solution.

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Mobile Health Applications

We provide a complete and integrated process for developing customized corporate mobile health applications using the latest technologies. With our cutting-edge mobile health technology, we have a huge advantage when it comes to development of mobile health applications.

Our strong skills and experience in JavaScript, HTML 5 and AJAX gives us the advantage of developing cool and robust mobile health applications in a most efficient manner. And, we have the creative and project management expertise to get the job done right.